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    | Médicos mexicanos se suman a protesta de maestros con paro |

  2. "That's the government of saying it. Would they be lying?"

  3. ": A teenager was killed after a teacher's protest in Mexico turned deadly "

  4. Another march in support of Oaxaca's teachers union. Sutcobach, Chilpancingo

  5. protest marching in NYC while cops follow!

  6. protest is marching now through NYC!

  7. Marching now east thru Manhattan, cops already on us

  8. From to , Mexico is starting to look like 1910. That means revolution.

  9. : During protest against state repression and police brutality in today.

  10. Picket outside of Mexican embassy

  11. An army of soldiers waiting to attack teachers? When will the justice be restored. 🇲🇽

  12. “Curse the soldier who points his gun to his people” -Simon Bolivar

  13. Rebels aren't the ones who create the world's problems it's the world's problems that create rebels-RFM

  14. Once again, . massacres his own people. To him, the lives of students and teachers don't matter.

  15. Unarmed Mexican teachers protesting an educational reform are getting shot by their own government.

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